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American Canine Institute
42474 Roberts Ave
Fremont, CA 94538
(510) 657 - 4772
Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area

American Canine Institute & Kennels
8424 Wild Rose Lane
Dixon, CA 95620
(707) 693 - 1001
Dixon/Sacramento, CA
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Welcome to A.C.I

American Canine Institute provides many training programs, but above all we open our training classes to all breeds of dogs . A.C.I. has been in business of training canines professionally since 1959. The training method used by A.C.I. is a motivational praise & correction balance.

We DO NOT use food or clickers in our training programs.

American Canine Institute & Kennels breeds top quality German Shepherds. Our
goal is to provide the best "all around" German Shepherd companion dog. Our well-structured working dogs are large boned, have great temperament with a gentle disposition but if called on will defend the home or you.

Professional Training Services Since 1959


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